Global  Energy System

IT is important because it renewable to the company that support it by 50 years of engineering experiment.

More Information about the Global Energy System

because it reduced sunlight,and the ground and also air that  makes the way it moves.

the two cats are using energy and air,to be moved to slide down a slide?

Cats that have Energy to moved

This puppy is having energy that has sound,and also movement

the way the puppy swing is that

they are using kinetic and potential energy to find gravitational  pole.

a puppy swing for fun!!

they are trying to find a way to used all of the energy they have.

This energy has heat,light,mechanical,power, heat, nuclear,and some sorts of things.

the little girl is having a little fun of the coaster which goes kinetic then potential and goes both.

Energy of Heat,light and nuclear

Lightning has sound.

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