The Code Talker

Book by: Joseph Bruchac

Presentation by: Miles Ryan

genre: Historical Fiction

I would share this book with a friend because it very informative and has a lot of and it has  a loot of action.

The Navajo's take back the Hawaiian Islands from the Japanese on March 16, 1939.


The setting of the story is in the United States and Hawaii from 1920-1940. It takes place in boarding school, Hawaii, Japan, and Iwo Jima.


The main character in The Code Talker is Ned Begay. Ned Begay is the kind of guy who is going to do something if he has set a goal.  It doesn't matter if his goal is almost impossible or all the odds are against him. The supporting characters are Sam Begay, who met Ned at marine training camp, Bill McCabe, who also met Ned at training camp, and Tommy Nez, who is Ned's best friend from boarding school.

This is when the Japanese were trying to decode the Navajo Language.


In the beginning of the story Ned Begay is forced to go to boarding school where they get beat if they use there native language. they have to switch all there words to English and have to speak while there alone or with other Navajo kids. In the middle,  he went to high school so he could graduate and get a job. He was trying to become a teacher so he could not only help kids but teach them his native language. At the end, he went to war with the Japanese so he could defend his country and his family. America ended up winning the war inn 1939 after dropping two nuclear bombs.

This is a video of when Japan was having 2 nuculear bombs dropped on it to end the war.


The main idea of the story is to inform people that the Navajo Indians were forced through many hard times and struggles bot were great heroes to America.

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