Who is leif Erikkson

by:Jetmr Sela 4-402

LEIF ERIKKSSON was in North America's    water. people believe that he was in north  America befor Christerfur columned did then he when to Vinland  about400 years ago it has happen inthe year was 1492. He called Vinland because of tIhe grapevines .he went to Vinland because a guy told him about it he was there for 14 years that's why he went


LEIF ERIKKSON WAS BORN IN NORWAY HE WAS BORN IN 1001 HE DIED IN 1100 HIS FATHER WAS ERIK THE RED . leif erikkson son was thorvaldass his   mom was thojohild . he had a ship ti was called bjarn he had 35 men on it . the father a leif Erikkson  yhey teamed up to find new land like vinlind and green land he travled to vinlind by him self with the frist boat