Personal Fashion Profile

Fashion to me doesn't mean being a slave to it. It is as one person said "self-expression". You could even create ur own fashion statement. It's all about what suits you and what makes you most comfortable & what makes u feel and look good. My main key words for the meaning of fashion are diversity, variety and creativity.

My fashion style: casual, classic and simple

This is my everyday go-to style.  I love feeling comfortable and casual inside and outside of school.

I prefer timeless looks, beautiful, but simple, cuts in clothing, fine natural fabrics and either a cross-body bag or a satchel.  In my closet, i say i do have some fun bohemian, preppy colours, but i mostly have neutral colours especially black, grey and frequently navy.

3 people that influence me

The three fashionistas that influence me and on how I dress are Zoe Saldana, Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge.

Model/style icon, Lily Aldridge, has the kind of life most girls dream of. She's married to a rockstar, enjoys Angel status in the Victoria's Secret tribe, joins many different fashion shows and magazine, and - as if all of this isn't enough- is also a talented designer. I believe that lily has a style that has a few details and values comfort and functionality in all her clothing.

Zoe Saldana is no stranger to fashion. she's a constant figure on best dressed lists, has bared it all as an underwear model and is a close friend with the lead designer Calvin Klien, Francisco Costa. I say Zoe has a classic and casual fashion style because I think that her clothing personality (according to red carpets and everyday attire) is clean, sophisticated, classic and usually wears fine natural fabrics.

The always stylish supermodel mom, Miranda Kerr, has quite the styling trick up her fashionable sleeve- Miranda was spotted twice recently wearing a super casual outfit ( jeans and a basic shirt), with one very un-simple statement accessory;  a pair of leopard flats. The eye catching shoes turned an otherwise laid-back look into something completely chic and casual.

3 words that describe me

1.  Creative: I say that I am a creative person because i have an experimental attitude, but I am also able to become deeply absorbed in my work. I can't imagine a a world without creative people because without creative people or things, the world would be a dreadful place. I always seek inspiration, whether it is a new upcoming project, an exciting novel I just read or something I have observed during a recent outing. I always search for inspiration.

2. Energetic: I consider myself an energetic person because I always have the craving for something fun, new and action related. I don't mind routine but it bores me to death when it's always the same thing happening everyday and there are no new changes or challenges.  I say that people should live in the here and now and forget the past and just make spontaneous decisions from one moment to the next.

3. Optimistic: I believe that I am optimistic because I look for the good that will come out of a situation. Whenever people I know talk about the bad things in situations, I try to tell them the good things or the things they can do to improve the situation. Being optimistic doesn't mean waiting for things to happen by themselves. It means expecting the best, believing that the best will happen, but at the same time making decisions, following them, acting and making things happen.

To me, fashion is

Fashion to me is the greatest art; a form of beauty, individualism and comfort. Fashion gives the ability to uniquely express ourselves through the artwork of others. Wearing a designer garment is like wearing a painting from a famous artist although, with fashion you get to combine the artwork of different artists on one canvas(yourself) through which you express your own beauty and creativity.

I think I am a:

A fashion opinion leader because I say that I am more familiar with and loyal to group standards and values than are non leaders. I follow my own fashion style and I don't tend to completely copy someone else style but their style could be an inspiration to me.

My clothes say:

My clothes say that I am a girl of great kindness, enthusiasm and comfort. Also my clothes say that I am neat but messy and casual.

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