share jokes at events

Hey kid, take a look at your phone. Is there a funny picture on it? No?

I guess you don't use sidechannel yet.

In the future (where you do use sidechannel), you're sitting in class, or a presentation, waiting for a movie, or chilling at a conference. You begin to feel bored.

But wait! You open sidechannel, and see funny pictures and words about the event you're at. Every few seconds, a new joke appears. You can scroll back through them and share them, comment, whatever, but why? Just relax and let the laughs roll in, baby!

You see all these cool jokes, I know exactly what you're asking -- where do the jokes come from? I think we're old enough to have this talk. The jokes come... from you.

It's super easy to make one. Just swipe down and search the background you want. Click a result to make it the background. Now type funny words and hit enter. Joke: told.

Within a few seconds, everyone around you will see it. They all laugh. Next stop: billionaire.

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