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                          The Riveting 4 Spots To Visit During Sikkim Tours packages

India is a great place to escape on holidays. Visit any of the directions and you will definitely find a best place to spare your leisure time. And this is so easy for true. You could get any conveyance whether it is a flight, a rail route, cabs or a rented bike to get on to any of the places of the region. Not to mention, every Indian spot is amazingly distinct from other in terms of its specialty.

Consider Sikkim for instance. This is one of the most preferable tourist destinations for the globetrotters. Located in Northeast India with Tibet and Bhutan as neighbors, Sikkim has a unique amalgamation of scenic places, landscapes and vivaciousness. Apart from this, Sikkim is also known for its highest mountain range of India known as Kanchenjunga. Hence, this is a home to adventurers of the world.

Check out some of the most beguiling spots while being on your Sikkim tour Packages.


  • Let’s start from the capital city. If you want to get awestruck by the natural beauty of the place then Gangtok is meant to soothe your eyes with its eternal glory. It includes forests, rivers, quite ambience and serenity that won’t let you go to any other places soon. So, if you are a nature lover, Gangtok would compel to keep making your frequent visits to this place.

Tsomgo Lake

  • Mountains become more beautiful when surrounded with placid water bodies. Sikkim too is not an exception in this regards. Located a bit ahead of Gangtok, you will find the very attractive Tsomgo Lake or the Changu Lake. If you plan to visit there this winter, you would find the entire lake in a frozen state, while if you visit in summer, you would find the waters reflecting the views of the beautiful peaks nearby.


  • Every waterfall definitely catches the attention of individuals. And if you are the one to spot the waterfalls from an astounding locality of 7200 feet above the sea level then visiting to Pelling would emerge as a value for money trip. Not only this, but the spectacular vistas, trekking, river rafting and kayaking are some added attractions of this place.


  • While you are taking your trip from Pelling to Gangtok, take a halt at Ravangla to spot its natural beauty. The place is no less than other tourist spots in terms of its attraction and appearance. Indeed, you will have the option for mountain trekking, but at the same time you could also look for some of the most endangered species of the world in this area.

If you have ever been wishing to enjoy your holiday in the laps of nature, opting for Sikkim tours would give you a memorable experience for lifetime.