The City of Silene

The Flag

The flower in the center of the flag is called a Silene flower which is what our city is named after. The colors in the flag are some of the colors a Silene flower comes in.

The Map And Location

The location of Silene is on a medium-sized island in Italy, which is shown above. Our map is below.

Religion, Market, & Sources

This is an apartment building we made using Tinkercad.
This is a market building we also made with Tinkercad.

The main religion in Italy is Roman Catholic so our city's main religion will most likely be Roman Catholic. The market in Silene is mainly based upon fishing and tourism. The area Silene is upon is tropical and the scenery is very soothing and inviting. The body of water that surrounds Silene is the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Tyrrhenian Sea is our source of water and food. Silene's government will be related to Italy's national government, which is a parliamentary democratic republic form of government.