Open Brand Summit


There’s something about the outside of a horse...

...that’s good for the inside of a boy.

Since I was a little kid, I have always been fascinated with animals. I think it partially stemmed from my parents' dislike for having pets in the house.

So when they sent me to The Thacher School in Ojai, California, and I learned that riding and taking care of a horse was a mandatory part of my education, I was terrified. But also excited and curious.

After the first couple months of getting into horseback riding, I fell in love with the experience, and with each horse that I got to ride and take care of.

My favorite part of each day was to get to my horse into a canter out on the field, especially when I also got to weave through some poles.

Fastfoward almost 8 years...

Now I am in Cleveland. For the last 5 of those 8 years, I have not had the chance or money to ride a horse, and God I miss it.

I miss getting up at 8 in the morning to feed the horses.

I miss rubbing them down with a curry comb, and brushing the dust of their coat.

And I miss the conversations the horses and I would have by breathing into each other's noses.