Silvestro LoVerde

Lifelong Grocer and Entrepreneur

About Silvestro LoVerde

Born to a family of grocers in Palermo, Italy, in 1969, Silvestro LoVerde has retained a lifetime commitment to selling fresh and flavorful foods. He began his career as an employee in his family business, where he learned to farm, harvest, and sell a variety of fruits and vegetables. A member of the company's fifth generation, Silvestro LoVerde also learned the business skills that now serves him as an entrepreneur in the United States.

Silvestro LoVerde moved to New York City with his family as a teenager, following his graduation from the Frederico il di Palermo. At the age of 21, he collaborated with his brother to open his first independent company, Two Brothers' Produce, which sold fresh fruits to a variety of retail and food service outlets. Seven years later, he expanded into the retail arena as founder of Circus Fruits. The store became a success in the borough of Brooklyn, and he soon opened a wholesale division. In 2009, he opened Vucciria Food & Gourmet, a fruit market that has since expanded to become one of Brooklyn's premier grocery destinations.

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