Silvia James

Podcast-The Spanish Inquisition.

For my first  Comunidades I listened to a podcast about the Spanish Inquisition. It was very fascinating for me to compare the information I already knew to the information that was said in the Podcast. Most of my knowledge about the Inquisition was about the torture so it was nice to learn about other less morbid things.

Something interesting I learned about the Spanish Culture was how violent they were. Or course that was the norm back then, everyone was just as violent. There was Mary I and Elizabeth I in England who persecuted based of of religion and of course the Holy Roman Empire had several Inquisitions themselves, and most likely France since they were catholic as well. However, the brutally of the people back them always surprises me know matter how many times I study it. I also find it interesting that the Spanish Inquisition is the only one remembered when there were others just as bad.

Something I can take away from this is to try and remember all of the terrible things so that one country doesn't take the blame. In addition, it's good to study history to remember the past and try to learn from it. We shouldn't only study the victories and accomplishments of the world, in order to learn from the mistakes of our ancestors we need to study the bad things as well.

La Duni

For my seconComunidades, I went to La Duni. I ordered a stake that had plantains, rice and beans along with it. While I did not enjoy the plantains, I loved all the other food. In addition, I had chocolate cake it and was probably the best chocolate cake I've had. The music in the background was very relaxing to listen too, and my waiter had an accent which added to the authenticity.

Something interesting I learned about the Hispanic culture was that the best plantains are the kind made in a simple home as a thank you for your generosity. While I was in Guatemala, one of the mothers made plantains for the small group that went to visit her house, and they were absolutely Delicious. So even though La Duni is one of my favorite restaurants now, and they were very authentic to Hispanic Culture, they still couldn't match the deliciousness of that old women's plantains.

If I could take away something from this it would be to try new things. Even though I did not enjoy the plantains, I know I would've missed out on a interesting experience if I hadn't tried them, and I would not have appreciated the taste of the Guatemalans plantains as much.

Real- La Pelicula

Overall I enjoyed the movie, but it at several time it was a little silly and over dramatic. As a huge soccer fan, I loved seeing some old face like David Beckham , Ronaldo and my favorite, Luis Figo, and seeing Real Madrid in their "glory days" was really fascinating to me because I was too young to remember all of it.  I was weird to see Casillas, still Real Madrid goal keeper today, when he was yonger along with Ernesta and Xavie from Barcelona.    

Something interesting I learned was seeing how much Real Madrid meant not just to Spain, but to the whole world. I knew that Spanish and English soccer attracted more than just Europeans, since My Family and I love it so much, but the movie showed dedicated fans from Japan and even Africa. It was heart warming to see how one man would walk two days to see every Real Madrid game, and two days back home because it shows the dedication soccer fans have. One of the reasons I love soccer so much is because it's a sport that brings the whole world together in a peaceful and fun manner, and this movie really reminded me of that.

The dedication the fans and players showed to the team is really something to be admired and applied to life. While it may seem over the top and silly at first, when you stop to think about it it's really something everyone should have about something! If students could but that much dedication into schoolwork, they'd have much better grades and the same goes with employees and their work. Also in the movie, there was a character who moved to Madrid, and originally didn't have an interest for it. However, the spirit and passion of the fans he saw every day made him reconsider his opinion about soccer and caused him to come to enjoy it. Two things can be taken away from this character's story line. The first is not to be narrow minded and explore new things, and the second is not to insult someone's passion, as long as it's reasonable. I know plenty of people who insists on telling me soccer is boring and have even accused my brother of being "girly" because in America the girls play soccer and that's all Americans think of. At the same time, I myself know I need to be more open to trying new things and not judging people for what they like, and that character's story line has helped me to remember that.


One thing I learned was how passionate the Hispanic Culture can be. Seeing their love for Real Madrid reminded me of Americans and football. The Real fans get just as crazy for a game as we would if our favorite football team. I love it when I can tie together American and Hispanic culture because it shows that there are lots of similarities between the two. It also reminds me that people are not as different as we think.

Another thing I learned about the Hispanic Culture was from both the restaurants I visited, Cafe Madrid and La Duni. The waiters at both restaurants were very polite, the listened to my family babble to them in Spanish even though they had work to do. I noticed this at another Hispanic restaurant I go to a lot, called Manny's, where a waiter named Isaac has become good friend with my family because he listens to us talk to him. None of the American waiters and waitresses are as nice as the Hispanic ones, and I think they should be.

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