Simple Advice On How To Buy Boxing Gloves

The purchase of boxing gloves used to be much easier few years ago, as there were only a small number of choices available on the market. Today, things have dramatically changed, so boxing gloves shoppers are offered hundreds of brands, models, styles and designs to choose from. And this is what troubles them in making the right choice.

But, before you proceed with the buying decision, you need to understand the role of boxing gloves. First of all, you should know that there are two primary types of boxing gloves – competition and sparring. Competition boxing gloves are those used for real competition boxing events. For amateurs and beginners, there is a special size of competition boxing gloves required. Usually, each country has its own rules and specifications. When it comes to sparring boxing gloves, they are actually extra-padded boxing gloves that are specially designed to not hurt the sparring opponent. The beginner's size usually is 453g-gloves, but if you weigh more than 80kg lean muscle, you should buy boxing gloves for sparring that weigh no less than 510g. Also, make sure that your opponent is using the same size of gloves to avoid unfair advantage from both sides.

Learn The Difference Between Type And Size

Normally, a bigger glove features more padding. Therefore, using boxing gloves with bigger padding during your training will offer your hands better protection. For example, if you are hitting the heavy boxing bag, you will need the best hand protection possible. Also, keep in mind that your hands will work faster when wearing smaller size boxing gloves. Thus, when you buy boxing gloves, go for sparring ones, as they are the thickets and offer the most out of padding. Training gloves can be also a good choice, since they keep almost the same protection level. You should avoid the bag gloves, because they are definitely crappy and offer little to no protection at all. Moreover, they are barely used nowadays, so it would be completely useless to purchase this type of boxing gloves.

Brands DO matter

When it comes to purchasing any type of sports equipment, no matter the particular sport you are dealing with, it is always better to go for branded pieces of sports gear. The same rule applies for your future boxing-gloves purchase. Look for a popular brand that will guarantee you highest levels of quality, durability and performance. Yes, branded boxing gloves will cost you a little bit more than non-branded ones, but at least this is how you will get the absolute maximum of 'punching' results.