Presentations Made Easy with Tackk

How many times have you sat through a presentation that was just one, boring PowerPoint slide after another? Better yet, how many times have you gotten motion sickness from a Prezi? Instead of going with the norm, try Tackk as a simple tool that helps your presentations stand out and be remembered.

Tackk your presentation now with our presentation template.

Why using Tackk gives you the upper hand

3D depth

  • Four photo options, video and audio embedding
  • External support sites and references through the media widget
  • Real-time updates, no attachments or drafts
  • Visual collaboration in Tackk Stream


  • Beautiful Tackks with no design skills required
  • 11 content widgets to customize your presentation
  • Multiple color, font and background options
  • Hyperlinks for source credit


  • Create presentations in minutes, not hours or days
  • URL customization and one-click social share options
  • Continuous scroll - no continous clicking required

Examples of Tackk presentations

1. Teacher presentation

An ESL teacher uses Tackk to present grammar lessons to her students including video, photos and hyperlinks.

2. Class presentation

Two students collaborate together on a presentation using bullets, headlines, photos and reference links.

3. Professional development presentation

Educational technologist uses Tackk to present at college conference. She displays tech resources in her Tackk using graphics, video and external links.