Simply Happy

Live. In. The. Moment.

Notice where your attention is & try to live in the moment.
When you find yourself straying, especially if you're mind wandering about something not productive, bring your attention back to whatever you're doing at that moment.

Enjoy your current experiences as you live them.

Don't be afraid to SLOW DOWN.

Slowing down can allow us to embrace moments as they happen, recognize the important factors and relationships in life and react and learn from the world around us.

Live Simply.

Too much stuff is making us less happy.
Think about it... Where does stuff lead? Credit card debt, huge environmental foot prints and perhaps, not coincidentally our happiness levels either flat line or decline.

Less might actually lead to more happiness.
Examples: College & your dorm; Camping; Travelling the world with just a back pack, camera and good friend.

Remember what really matters in life:
Memorable experiences; Connections & relationships...
Space & stuff should only support that.

Hard Wired Happiness.

This may not always seem true, but I believe we are hard wired to be happy.  Thinking back on our lives, we tend to remember the GOOD times
more than the bad ones.

We are incredibly resilient and are able to move forward from impossibly tragic experiences because we are hard wired to progress and live happy.

Keep Moving Forward.

I believe wholeheartedly in the following equation:
Progress = Happiness.

When you cross things off your list, move closer to achieving a goal and make progress in life, it leads to feeling fulfilled and generally happy.

Think about what you want to accomplish, whether it's learning how to cook, running a marathon, getting a promotion and develop a path to reach your goal.  Create small, bite sized tasks to help reach a bigger goal.  

Every time you accomplish a small task, celebrate that victory as you are moving forward in life and that leads to happiness!

Be Grateful.

Every moment we are here on earth is something to be grateful for.

Take time in your day to recognize what you are grateful for and you will be astounded by all the blessings in your life.

Here are some of the things I am grateful for today:

- A fantastic job and a great boss who trusts and believes in me
- A healthy body that I can push to the limits and enjoy a good sweat!
- A great family that I can talk to about anything and everything
- My crazy coworkers that make work days fun an entertaining
- Tea. For keeping me calm and energized to get me through a slight cold

What are you grateful for today?