To our Sisters in Christ

We want you to know we love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the great service and love you show to your young women, daughters of our Father in Heaven.  

The General Women's Meeting was absolutely beautiful and powerful and SPIRIT-FILLED!  If you missed it, please, pretty please, go to and watch it!  If you saw it, watch it again! ;) Learn it, live it, love it!  Here's just one highlight...

and a quote...

Something that I was impressed upon by the Spirit while watching and listening was the importance and REALITY of the companionship of The Holy Ghost and my need to constantly foster His CONSTANT presence in myself, my family and my home.  What was one inspiration you gained from the Women's Meeting? (share in the comments below, please)

Class Presidencies:

One important item we as leaders need to remember is that as we train and teach and minister to the young women to be leaders and love one another as Christ, we can and will see the results--in attendance, in participation, in testimonies strengthened, and in being able to rescue souls.  One way to do this is through CLASS PRESIDENCIES.  Below is a link of training videos to show your presidencies in a short, but regular class presidency meeting.  Please ask if you need further clarification...that's what we are here for! :)


Details for the Service Project:

One more Announcement:

The Stake Primary Presidency is in search of a Young Woman (or 2) to organize and provide Childcare Classes for a Stake Primary Training later this month...this would be a perfect personal progress project!  Would you please announce it to your girls and pass on a name and number of a young woman who is interested? Thanks so much!!!!

Please post any comments/questions below, so we can ALL benefit! Thank you and we love you!!!!!


Becky, Laura, Nydia and Erika