The 2nd Amendment: The right to bear arms

There are two sides to the debate one in which sides with ther democrats, the other with the republicans.

On the democratic side of gun control they support laws to
regulate gun control. They believe gun violence is a serious problem and
promote legislation for gun control. An organization partnered with the
democrat’s is the National Gun Control Inc. with leader Sara Brady.

On the other side where the republicans stand, they support
just the opposite of the democrats.  The
republicans believe the passage of laws has nit reduced gun violence and oppose
laws to regulate guns. They also believe the Government needs to seriously
punish criminals who use guns illegally and not take away gun rights all
together. A statement pertaining to the republicans is “Guns don’t kill people,
people kill people.” One group that is with the republicans is the NRA or
National Rifle Association.

As an avid hunter, I would have to support the republicans
on the issue of gun control. I believe guns are not out to kill. They can be
used for recreation shooting or hunting where no one gets hurt. But I also
believe a gun can fall into the wrong hands. The government should impose
extensive background checks and not just use the code of honor. Some people
should not be able to own guns as well such as criminals, psychiatric patients,
non US citizens, etc. The government should also go to extensive measures to
track guns and not let them get into the wrong hands but should also not take
away the rights for those that use them properly.

A Supreme Court case that relates to gun control is Heller
vs. DC. As a security guard, Dick Heller challenged DC’s own law that it was
illegal to own a handgun. Relating to the 2nd Amendment, Heller
believed he was being stripped of his rights. In a close decision the vote was
on Heller’s side. The right to bear arms and ownership of handguns is an
individual right.

Recent Gun Control Issues

As gun control seems to always be an issue a recent form of
it has occurred in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater murders. Guns were
involved in this murder case such as an AR-15, shotgun, and a handgun. Many
people are looking back on the attack and fighting against the republicans and
the NRA to push for more government restrictions and gun control laws.

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