Six ways to get foodie with Tackk.

Credit the web with democratizing foodie culture. Recipes, menus and how-to's are just a search away. We instagram what we've eaten and pin what we'd like to someday. But you don't need your own food blog, social following or TV show to have good taste. Here are six ways to add your flavor to a Tackk:

1. Recipes

Admit it: you make the best crêpe suzette around. Isn't it time to share your secret? Don't kick up a whole new blog you'll never maintain for one recipe. Post your ingredients, instructions, photos (video, too!), and add it to the recipe Tackkboard. Have more than one dish? Cook up a whole recipe board of your own.

2. Menus + Lists

Hosting Thanksgiving or dinner with friends? Tell them what's cooking with a menu Tackk. List the night's courses with links to the recipes you used (they can be from Pinterest, Facebook, Martha Stewart, your grandma or your own Tackkboard). When they ask for that OMG pumpkin bisque recipe, just point them to your Tackk.

3. How-To's + Techniques

There's more than one way to pit a cherry. Share your best practices for filling a doughnut, pouring a Guinness, mixing a martini, poaching eggs, braising meat, flipping crêpes, searing tuna, peeling apples, frosting cupcakes or French-pressing coffee. Just take a few photos (or video), add some steps and share your wisdom

4. Healthy Tips

There's more to healthy living than an apple a day. Tackk your tips for packing healthy kids lunches or sneaking vegetables into dinner four times a week. Dish details on your favorite detox or fitness foods. Tell why you became vegan, when you fell in love with kale or how to cut salt from your diet.

5. Pin-to-Plate

Seriously, we all do it. Our pinboards are chock full of beautiful treats and delicious ideas that we'd so like to try. Someday. Well, those lavender-lemon macarons aren't going to make themselves. Grab a recipe from your board, make it, snap photos and tackk about it. Show us how you changed the recipe, where you triumphed, when you tripped up. You can do it. We believe in you!

6. Contests + Competitions

Don't make submitting recipes harder than hoisting the winner's trophy in your food contest. Invite your legion of cooks to tackk recipes to your contest Tackkboard. It's so easy, they'll have room for seconds. Forget clunky uploads, lost files and organizing the chaos. Use your own Tackkboard to collect, review and share contest submissions.