Do The Characters Correspond To The Tripartite Self?

Oedipus Rex image 1:

This painting illustrates Oedipus' state of blindness, in which his superego led him to think the only atonement he could achieve was exile.


This picture represents man's instinct of perceiving women as objects of pleasure, which applies to Oedipus, whom was more than willing to bear children with his own mother.

"scars" Image:

This depicts the former relationship the man and woman shared in the poem "Scars," which was torn after their divorce. Both are aware of their tattered kinship; however, they soon realize that their love is everlasting.

forrest gump:

In the movie Forrest Gump (starring Tom Hanks), Forrest acknowledges the influence of women such as Jenny, his female acquaintance, and Ms. Gump, his mother, in steering his path in life, defining his future.

The girl by city and colour:

In the song The Girl by City and Colour, the singer expresses that he wishes he could do better by the girl he loves, which stems from the unconscious feeling of incompleteness, and the need to convey his emotions.

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