My Rocken' Summer

Brandon and Super Cruse Fun

My summer was great, we went on a cruse! It was amazing, all you can eat all day every day anything you want. There was even a pool  with a huge water slide (wich included a huge line).Me my two brothers and my dad played shuffel bord, my brothers agenst me and my dad.It was best two out of three 1-1,game close then............we lost.I even tryed to tan, I'd think you'd know what happend.The rooms where so very tinny, all there was room for was beds.We had bottem deck so we where on the ocean floor(yes I did get noshious).The worst part was  geting off oh how I missed the food and fun.But over all it was a pretty great cruse. Also my favorate stuff, 1-my favorate daily activity was napping, 2-my favorate place tobe was the cruse, 3-my favorate person to see was my friend Nick, 4-my favorate movie was transformers4, 5-my favorate moment was geting on the boat, 6-my favorate song is today I dont feal like doing anything.

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