Summer Reading Project

{Chinese Cinderella}

Basic summary of this years book!

After her mother dies giving birth to her, Adeline's life has been turned totally up side down. As her family begins to blame her for the bad luck that has fallen upon them. Then as she thought life could not get any worse her dad remarries to whom she calls {her evil step-mother}. All she has is school , her only love because she get's to learn and see all of her friends. When Adeline gets older she realizes that all she really wants is her family to love her but as time went on that dream began to fade.

This is the book :D
Adeline Yen Mah's aunt the one who cared most about her
Adeline's father who mistreated her, had no respect for her at all.
one the left id adde's step-mom, middle is ye-y [grandpa] , and right is her dad
Adeline is the little girl on the right the rest are her brothers & sisters

This book is really intriguing because I hate reading and it took me till chapter:3 to like it and start to enjoy it. I recommend this book to a person who is just starting to read because its an easy and breath taking story + it's true so every time something happens you always know it's real,so it makes it a whole lot more intense.

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