The Custer Conflict from a soldiers view

The Peter Thompson Story

By  Jeannine P Guern

Peter Thompson came into my life with a phone call from a friend, and coleege. (A partner in

crime if you will. ) I have said that my friend speaks his mind as anyone who knows him will tell you,

however  as we all have our own little issues, mine is not being able to let well enough be. So when

The talks began about what to do about the grave site of a Metal of honor Recipiant with no flag, no

pole, no light,   well,   we started making phone calls, and those led to meetings,which led to speaking

to groups of people that could help us. Which led to more phone calls. Before we knew what

happened people in several states were involved. Wyo., Mt, SD, Mn. Az. Neb.  Well I said with the

People we are inviting we have to send formal invitations , and with all the people helping to make this

Such a success we should feed them so we needed food, and with formal invasions we  now need

linens, with linens we need, flowers, dishes not paper, you get the picture. The whole thing was a great

success thanks to our armed forces, and everyone who made it happen. This is how I became so

interested  in The soldiers that fought in the Battle of the Little Big Horn,all the soldiers from both sides

so let me introduce you to Peter Thompson one of the soldiers who came back from that hell that was

The Little Big Horn.

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