By: Renata  Eley

1. Some uses for Petroleum is soap, lipstick, and aspirin. Some important uses are things like roofing, clothing, and refrigerators.

2. There are 110,497,239 gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles in the Unites States.

3.  There are about 318,028,100 people in the Unites States ( babies being born every 8 seconds). There are about 7,165,516,400 people global.

4. Globally there was about 7 number of crude oil barrels produced in 2007.

5. In the United State there were about 700,000 barrels consumed each day in 2007.

6. The percentage of world crude oil production that  was consumed by the U.S. is 10%

7. The U.S. is home to the world's population, yet consumes 25% of the world's crude oil.

8. The global daily consumption of crude oil in 2007 was 5.3 million barrels.

9. The total amount of crude oil consumed globally for all of 2007 is 5.3 million barrels.

10. The size of the world's oil reserves is 65,000 gas/oil reserves all varying in sizes.


11. Our crude oil should last about 65-75 years.

12. The decade of 1960 was when global oil reached its peak.

13. U.S. crude oil production peaked in the 1970's.

14.  The percentage of our crude oil that was imported from other countries is 40%.

15. There are disadvantageous that the U.S. imports crude oil from other countries because it can deprive U.S. jobs causing outsourcing and also causing inflated prices.

16.  The global petroleum production peak is expected to occur in 2030-2040. The prediction made by the International Energy Agency says oil will reach its peak.

17. The effect that  the global petroleum production peak will have on the world is polluting the water and air and hurting the environment.

18. I think that the U.S will not anticipate on becoming 'energy independent' over the next decade.

19. The video is about when oil reaches its peak then oil will start running out. I think the video is fair because if we continue to use oil like we do we will eventually run out.

20. I would like to recommend that President Obama to address the nation on how we are living in such terrible times polluting the air.

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