Come to the New England Colonies

By: Bridget Wilmes

Where hard work is noticed!

Main, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut

House Design

The weather is a beautiful crisp winter most of the year we have a main chimney in the middle of the house so that there can be a chimney in every room, a great way to keep your rooms nice and toasty! Plus we have the brick chimneys so when you put out the fires the bricks will slowly release the hot air while your sleeping.


Here in New England we have beautiful snowy winters. Although it stops us from growing much crop we have good lumbering, fishing, trading and more. We have the longest winters and the shortest summers. With our chili weather it makes it wonderful for lumbering, we also have ice fishing and both of those things we can sell and trade.


Here in the great New England Colonies we don't have a long summer. But we do have some so we use that short period of time when we have summer and we grow things that we need to survive. Even though our soil is sanding and not fertile we do what the Native Americans taught  us and put fish in the soil so the minerals in the fish helps our plants grow.

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