Count Down

For Patrick

Patrick Esposito Di Napoli and Les Colocs


One single move you might haven't done,

One night was the only thing it took

To make your one and only life shook.

Maybe you didn't understand all the prevention,

Now you wish that you took more precaution


At two in the morning, when she called you

She had to be drunk to say «You might have it too. »

Two weeks you have waited, with no one to speak to,

Two weeks you have waited, too afraid to know.

You finally went to the hospital, darker than your own shadow.


Three different doctors, you went to see,

But they all agreed: you would have to live with H.I.V

You just couldn’t stop listening to Séropositif Boogie,

You just couldn’t stop wondering « How can I tell my family? »

Horrified that somehow, you would have to tell it to everybody.


Four years later, you are lying on the floor,

You only stand up to go to the liquor store!

Exhausted, you don't have hope anymore;

You don't even know what’s worth fighting for

Because of four letters, synonym of regrets

You all know which one; 2.3 million per year, that’s a lot of deaths.


One truly incurable disease.

Too persistent, the slow agony will never cease.

By a tree, you will choose to write your own end instead,

On its higher branch you’ll forever be suspended…

240 words.

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