Romeo and Juliet Act 1, Lady Capulet, Jennifer Lee, period 3.

Act 1, Lady Capulet, Jennifer Lee, period 3. Fighting again. What a shame on our family Capulet. When will the fight between us and the Montagues stop? The two houses are the most respected family in our town. I feel embarrassed when there is fight. Anyways I talked with my daughter about her getting marriage. Juliet is now thirteen years old, and she is going to be fourteen years old on August 1st. Almost every girls in her age is already married, and Juliet needs to married either. Paris is who I am thinking as Juliet's husband. He is handsome, gentle, and he is just a right for Juliet. However, I'm very angry at Juliet right now. We had a party in our house, and the Montagues with Romeo and his friends came to our party!! How dare they come to our party! The most horrible thing that happened today is that Romeo kissed Juliet in the party. Even though Juliet doesn't know who Romeo was, Romeo should have know that Juliet is one of the Capulet since it is a party hosted by our house. He should be killed if he comes to our house or meet Juliet again. I should talk to Juliet about the relationship between the Montagues and our house so that she doesn't make a bad choice in any future time.

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2 years ago

@haha4176 Juliet please be careful of Romeo. You will be in trouble if you meet him again. Meet Paris instead. He is handsome and gentle. A perfect man for your husband.