How To Be Fabulous And Original

Ever felt down about yourself? Here's a blog dedicated to being great and yourself.

fabulous: \ˈfa-byə-ləs\
very good, Extremely pleasing or successful

original: \ə-ˈrij-ə-nəl\
a person who is different from other people in an appealing or interesting way

How to be Fabulous:

It isn't everyday that someone can create a masterpiece. It also isn't everyday that people find true beauty within the world. The society these days tend to lean towards a particular type of beauty. Society will never understand true beauty with their mind forever stuck on what they believe is beauty. It's unoriginal and mainstream.

If you want to be fabulous and beautiful, don't let people steer you in the direction of their ideas. Stay true to yourself and what you like.  True beauty will come not from society's views, but your innerself.

How to be Original:

Originality is easier said than done. There will never be a time in your life where something that you've thought or done hasn't already been done by someone else. It's a struggle, but there will be a time in your life where a thought of yours isn't taken.

The key to being original is by not letting society sway your views. If everyone around you is choosing red, then picking blue or teal or any color other than red is original. By choosing a different color and not following everyone else, you're standing out as an individual and making your mark in society.

The right picture is society's expectations for you while the left is your true beauty. The left picture isn't pretty as the picture on the right, but it's more original and realistic. That is you in society. That is how to be beautiful and be an individual instead of a group that wants to be like everyone else.

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