Building your own custom designed home in Canberra is now easy as saying 1-2-3-4

Owning your own comfortable home in Australia's bush capital is now so much easier in fact, thanks to Canberra Granny Flat Builders, it is as easy as saying 1-2-3-4

A weekend getaway or family holiday in Canberra starts with finding somewhere great to stay. Well, what if you never had to search but owned your own studio, granny flat or self-contained unit?

Spring time is fast approaching in Canberra and the barbecues would be coming out of hibernation and with it, there will be conversations about a beautiful new home or two in the neighbourhood. That home could well be yours.

There are two options to owning a great home in Canberra – buy a pre-owned home or build one for your family. The former is easier but in a few months you find that you have to adjust yourself to someone else’s house plan. Maybe you would have liked to have the bathroom right next to the living room or a standard sized swimming pool instead of the mini pool and maybe the kitchen is nice but a tad smaller than what you would have ideally liked?

Thanks to Canberra Granny Flat Builders, building your own home no longer requires you to run around for drawing up architectural plans or getting them approved at the local government office or any of hundred different things that one normally associates with building a home in the ACT.

Canberra Granny Flat Builders are committed to designing and building world class secondary residences in the Australian Capital Territory for our customers who are residential private home owners. The owners Frank Walmsley and Nick Constable have over 20 years’ experience in construction and property businesses in the ACT. A secondary residence in the ACT is essentially a detached residential structure built in a backyard. It is also called a studio, granny flat or a self-contained unit.

Granny flat canberra specializes in constructing on site custom-made homes under the new laws and regulations. They manage the entire system on your behalf and custom design and build onsite always complying and exceed Australian Standards and laws. Their fixed priced HIA contract means that there are no hidden costs after the project commences.

Owing your own secondary residence in the ACT is now as easy as saying 1-2-3-4 here’s how:

1 – The site visit. A representative from the Canberra Granny Flat Builders will meet you onsite to discuss your needs and objectives, as well as to obtain the details needed to prepare a Planning Assessment Report for you.

2 – A free Planning Assessment Report will be emailed to you within 7 days. This report will advise, with guaranteed 95% accuracy, if your granny flat or studio (secondary residence) can be legally built on your or proposed property. It will also outline the conditions which may apply.

3 – PLANS. Should you decide to proceed; a professional Building Granny Flats Canberra consultant from Canberra Granny Flat Builders will work with you on your preferred options for floor plans, style and functionality. Within 28 days, you will be provided with three alternate designs for your consideration.

4 – AGREEMENT. If you proceed to build, Canberra Canberra Granny Flat Designs we will provide a fixed-price Housing Industry Association (HIA) contract. They will manage the approvals, delivery and construction of the approved project.

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