FDR's Leadership

Brain Crunch: Have you ever had a time when you were put in the middle between a BFF/significant other and your parents? How did you try to appease to both sides?

Use the link below to help you answer the first three questions. Be prepared to discuss.

1. What is the Lend Lease Act?

2. What influenced the Lend Lease Act?

3. How did it impact both the U.S. and Great Britain?

Use the links below to help you answer the next questions. Be prepared to discuss.

4. What were the functions of the Office of War Information during WW II?

5. Give two examples of its functions and illustrate how they impacted the home-front. (Use a bubble map).  SpiderScribe and Popplet are good online versions that can be used for group collaboration too.

6. Honesty, fairness, a sense of justice, responsibility, willingness, and decision-making skills are all considered qualities of an effective leader. Does FDR meet these requirements? Explain and defend your answer with evidence from your readings and the video.