Christmas Light Web-Quest!!

How does the type of circuit affect the strand of Christmas lights with a burned out bulb?

IV: type of circuit  DV: Christmas lights with Burned out bulbs

If you use a parallel circuit then the battery will light up all the lights brighter.

I observed that The more wire you have and the more Light bulbs you have the more energy it takes to transfer that energy to the lights and back to the battery.

As you can see with a gap in the wires the energy is only transferred to the two light bulbs, and the energy skips the other wires with the gap.

If you use a big battery and not enough lights then those lights will burn out.

I observed that if you put a lot of lights in a row then the lights won't light up as much as if they were in there own rows.

The circuit did not light up because you must not have a gap in between a single row like above.

A parallel circuit is the best series to use for Christmas lights because more of the lights light up with a small amount of energy, and the lights don't burn out when energy is added.

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