Susan Eloise Hinton

Story of her life

Susan Eloise Hinton is a well-known writer of young adult fiction. She was born on the 22nd of July 1950 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

At the age of seventeen, her first book was published: The Outsiders. It was a realistic book about what it’s like to be a teenager who is not understood or listened. It talked about the conflicts between two gangs: the lower middle class ‘greasers’ and the upper class ‘Socs’. The book became recognized and led her to success.

In 1971, “That was Then, This was now” went on sale; “Rumle Fish” came out in 1975 and “Tex” in 1979. This books were all about what it is for a youngster to grow up in a climate of physical and psychological violence.

She wrote other books such as “Taming the Star Runner” (1988), “Hawkes Harbor” (2004) and “Some of Tim’s Stories” (2006).

Hinton spent years advising on the sets of several film adaptations of her books and even wrote the screenplay for others. For instance, “The Outsiders”, “Rumble Fish”, “Tex” and “That Was Then, This Is Now”.

She met her husband David Inhofe while studying at the University of Tulsa for getting her degree, married him in 1970 and had a child called Nicholas David Inhofe in 1983.

Athough a very private person with a private life, she takes inspiration from real events that happened to her to write her stories.

Susan Hinton is still writing and aims to inspire the readers with her realistic novels.

No More

In Cleveland, a group of 16 year-old friends was extremely distressed. Their life was full of sadness, violence. They were outsiders which had been dealing with bullying for a very long time. They were intimidated by a group of teenagers from school, and facing it couldn't be rougher. Every morning, they would hide from them; at night always be careful. Those people were so evil they were capable of everything! Setting a house on fire, throwing smoke bombs, stealing food, clothes or money or even hitting and kicking. The outsiders felt there was nothing they could do about it. So they didn’t… until one day.

They were at school. The mean boys had seen the teenagers before and had decided to play some tricks on them during the break. This time, before the intimidators could do something, Nick chose to confront them. That was a reaction which had never been seen by the youngsters, and something they didn’t like. Consequently, they started to attack him. Then things got out of hands: Nick got so injured and bruised he even ended up in hospital. After this dramatical incident, he decided to leave the country for good. He lost his friends and his life because of some kids with more power and confidence.

His friends knew injustice was a fact they had been facing constantly, in a really intense way. That day they had lost a very good friend, ¿How many other things could they loose? That was it. It was time for revenge…

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