the High power green laser pointers

Korean group EXO have excellent shape and dance strength, his debut just three years has enjoyed high popularity around the world, a series held many concert tour, tickets went on sale on almost a spike of a space. However, they are at 18, held in Beijing on the 19th concert, they heard someone repeatedly take the High power green laser pointers , the irradiation stage is performing member of the fans caused anger and resentment.

Part of the fans after the concert ended, they found the photographs, some people actually use the 3000mw laser pointer to direct EXO body, face, and even the eyes, which, on the maximum number of members is irradiated to the KAI, the news came out, immediately caused a series of angry voices. In addition to their network launched search operations, vowed to catch the people who use hazardous materials, but also strongly condemned the organizers, for carrying items should be a more thorough re-examination.

300mw laser pointer red brief report which is usually used for low-power laser pointer if exposure to the eye, macular due to "overexposed" to produce a temporary injury, can recover within two weeks. But if the high power shot to the eye, the retina can instantly burn a big hole, leaving permanent eye damage and that such damage can not be restored by any surgery or treatment, and may even lead to blindness, very dangerous.

A common Violet Laser Pointer 30 mw as the current tools and toys, and used by many young people like entertainment. But some younger users, especially children belonging to the user's age, do not understand the dangers of laser pointer, it is likely to cause harm to themselves and others consequences. Learn the proper use of a laser pointer and laser pointer, it becomes very important.

How to use laser pointer.
Because the laser pointer has a certain risk, especially high-power laser for outdoor use, the use of lithium battery laser pointer, after focusing the focal point of the laser beam has a certain glow that can harm physical properties.
When in use, to ensure that the laser can not be aligned with others, or yourself, be careful not to align easily ignited substance use at close range.
The laser beam at close range with a dazzling effect. Do not close for a long time, or go out to observe the scattered light beam, laser beam, will make eyes feel tired.
Do not lend laser pointer laser understand the dangers of other third party use. If you have to borrow, you should be clear and tell myowland each other the correct use and precautions.