Southern Colonies

The one colony you can have a slave, and not be frowned upon!

Have you ever thought about moving to one of the fabulous southern colonies? Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. We have some awesome weather down here such as a warmer climate, that way you don't have to worry about surviving harsh, cold winters. We also have longer summers, that are warmer and humid, which is perfect for growing tobacco, sugar, and rice. We also have amazing agricultural results, such as we have long hot humid summers, which is perfect for the main cash crop of the southern colonies, Tobacco. And wood, such as trees grow really well in the southern climate, so southern colonies people would cut down trees and ship them to other colonies and England for money. good things about the southern colonies industry business is that you can have slaves. Slaves are used a ton on plantations and even small farms, they cut your work in half or more depending on how many you have! Another thing is that it's hard not to make a profit here, everything you could grow or do has a high demand over in England. Don't believe me well try tobacco, if you have slaves to do all your work for you without getting paid and you get all the harvest, then sell it to a country that loves tobacco. Also wood, not many places are good at producing wood, and back then the main source of travel was by WOODEN ships or boats, and with a high demand for ships and boats comes a high demand for wood. As you can see the southern colonies is the ideal place for a new settler or old ones, its the perfect place in the new world

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