UTA Reflection

Emma Warmus

When I  got there the campus looked really cool! It was big and also looked confusing. As we got inside the  UTA stadium they directed us where to sit. While we were seated all the other 7th grade avid from other junior highs from Arlington isd were coming in. Once all the schools were there some of the UTA students and counselors  introduced themselves, and explained what our plan was for the day. After, they showed us this video of some fun things that go on at UTA. Then, we got a brief break to stand up and stretch while they were preparing for the science show. When they were done they told us to sit down and then started the show. The science show was really cool they did an excellent job. After that we ate lunch.

       My favorite part of the day was the science show and seeing all my friends from Gunn Junior High.

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