Soviet Afghanistan war

Who: Soviet Union, Afghanistan rebels ( Mujahideen)

What: On Dec. 24, 1979 the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and killed President Amin. They made their leader Babrak Karmal the new president. Afghanistan had to fight for their land so for the next 10 years the Soviet Union and Afghanistan battled for the land. They Mujahideen had the home field advantage and the Soviet union's weapons weren't made for the harsh environment. Mujahideen had success and now the Soviet Union didn't seem so invincible to the rest of the world. Gorbachev realized that the Soviet Union was making fools roped themselves and lowering themselves. Then Gorbachev and Mikhail signed a treaty to end war.

Where: Afghanistan

When:  Dec. 24, 1979-  Feb. 15, 1989

Why: Soviet Union supported communism government and it went of against Afghanistan people's Muslim ways.

Summary: The Soviet Union supported communism governments and Afghanistan didn't because some of the laws went up against their Muslim religion. So the Soviet Union assassinated Afghanistan's president and invaded Afghanistan. Then later they made their leader Afghanistan's president. Afghanistan had no choice but to declare war for their land back.

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