Light Refraction
by AJK

Many odd optical illusions are due to light refraction. Light refraction; when light waves reflect from medium to medium, changing speed and direction ( Something you would have learned in class had you been paying attention). This illusion is what also causes mirages ( When your eyes see something that is not really there).

The Titanic Iceberg Mystery: Light Refraction?

During the night of its sinking, the Titanic would have been in perfect conditions . That is, perfect conditions to form mirages from what is called super refraction.  That night, there was , contrary to popular belief, very little fog. Thermal inversion : " Layers of cold air below layers of warmer air" - weirdly refract light to show distant objects higher and closer. This occurs before a false horizon , and to the viewer's eye, can cause the line between the false horizon and actual horizon, to blend. It also did not help that there was no moon that night; no source of light or contrast.

Your eyes perceive the false horizon and true horizon to be one in the same. They tell your brain the same message. As you can see in the picture above, a floating object has the ability to hide itself from your sight , using light refraction and a false horizon.


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