The Tips Of Customer Satisfavtion Survey

Although customer satisfaction has been promoted to the strategic position in some enterprises, but most Chinese enterprises is still just an ornament. This is not only numerous enterprises haven't begun to transformation the concept. The concept is the customer always in the first place. But also for the intentional transformation of the enterprise is unable to perform. This is because they are lack of understanding customers. They don't have the ability to conduct a customer survey and experience. The following may be able to improve customer satisfaction survey of enterprise. Hope to be able to give enterprise some reference.

First of all, the survey of customer satisfaction must be design professional. Some of the survey are lacking in the science. The topic of the written language with a strong emotional and suggestive. What's more, the content of a customer survey is confused for customer. Because the survey often using uncommon phrases or specific vocabulary.Using these poor questionnaire, survey results usually don't have a good result.

The second types are that the content of customer satisfaction survey should keep pace with the times. Don't expect the customer satisfaction is good for everyone. Some media reported enterprise customer satisfaction measurement got 100% of the excellent result. Unless your customer is a fool, or your questionnaire design is poor. Generally,100% score is hard to imagine for these surveys.So many question choice in the survey is like this. Such as very satisfied, satisfied, general, dissatisfied, very dissatisfied. It is hard to imagine all of the respondents thought consistently give "very satisfied" for each question answer. Even respondents are satisfaction with the improvement of the enterprise. The questionnaire didn't limit in a few areas. Customer choice in the market and the flow of information, rising expectations the enterprises must continuously introduce new measures. And the design of the satisfaction will continue to improve, to measure the customer's real full thoughts and feelings.

Satisfaction does not necessarily indicate loyalty. Satisfied customers are not necessarily loyal customers.Only satisfied with their purchase and products and services, and they are willing to continue to use or buy again. What's more, they are recommending to their friends. That is a sign of loyal customers. Customer loyalty is related to the intensity of the competition. Under normal circumstances, the telecommunications industry is an area where low satisfaction and high loyalty. While in the field of computer, the car industry is relatively high satisfaction and low loyalty. When enterprise survey aims to understand or predict customer loyalty, don't easily derive by satisfaction index.