The causes of HIV/AIDS

Disease was and always will be present in human’s life. Known as the word virus, it can be either very deadly or harmless. On some cases a virus can be so strong that it could wipe out and imaginable numbers of being, on the other hand it can also be so weak that it we don’t even notice its existence. In the case of HIV/ aids, it’s a very dangerous thing. To this day, no cure was found to help the millions of people all around the world fighting this evil deadly curse. The scientists and doctors might not have found a cure yet, but they found all sorts of causes that could help humanity avoid this unfaithful enemy.

Probably the most well known cause of HIV /aids is unprotected sex. “PROTECT YOURSELF PEOPLE!!!” Sex might be very amusing, but it won’t be when you find out that you are going to die in the next year.

Aids are also very common for those who use drug injections, because the needle has been shared from a person to another which causes the carrier to infect other users. “STAY AWAY FROM THAT NEEDLE!!!”

Also, the virus can be easily transferred by blood, semen, vaginal fluid, and breast milk of any infected people.

Those are the most common way of being infected of the virus HIV/aids . So remember these facts and “BECAREFUL OUT THERE!”

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