Finding My Way

Sunshine beamed in between the shade and the sash, and like a laser beam broke my dreams. But it is a good day today. I look forward to meeting my friends who were already camping at the lake, keeping cool in the cottonwood shade and the deep blue water beneath the sandstone cliffs. Yes, a good day!

I closed my eyes and imagined our favorite spot.

I could smell the bacon and eggs in the kitchen. I opted for a fruit bowl and muffins with orange juice.

As I turned around with my muffin in hand, my elbow hit my orange juice glass, tumbling it to the floor, spilling juice clear underneath the pine cabinet.

I sighed.

I looked at the clock, noting I still had plenty of time, and wiped up my mess on the floor. I found a slim sponge and soaked up underneath the cabinet. On the last wipe, I pulled out a crumpled twenty dollar bill.

I smiled.

I hopped into my car, thinking I'd stop at the store for an extra treat with my new-found twenty; instead I found my gnarly little brother had driven the car to empty. At this time of day, the station would be packed with people lining up for gas for their daily commute.

I sighed.

I pulled into a gas station with no lines. I could not believe it.

I smiled.

The gas station attendant filled the tank for me.

"Didn't you hear the news?" he asked. "The highway closed at 5:00 am. Everyone else arrived early. Small fire and road construction."

"Is the highway closed towards Canyon Lake?" I asked?


I sighed.

"You can take Orchard Road. I'll get you a map."

I smiled as he handed a marked map to me.

Sailing down the road singing, "Saturday, in the park..."

Thump.  Thump.

My blue sedan pulled sharply to the right.

I grabbed the steering wheel tighter and slowed down, looking for a place on this narrow road to turn off.

I sighed.

Finally, a turn ahead. I pulled off to see a breath-taking view, and a tourist stop.

I smiled and shut off the car. At least I'll find help, and I'm halfway there.

"On the road again," I hummed, picking up speed to pick up time.

As I sped around the corner, I slammed on the breaks.

"Road closed? Government property?"

I sighed.

I backed up to a turn around, and noticed a side road.

I smiled.

Five miles in and far above the park, I reached a dead end.

I sighed.

I slumped in my seat and opened my cooler. I grabbed a Coke.

I popped open the can and took a sip, looking around the barren field. I stepped out into the prairie grass, looking for snakes, but saw the sun reflecting on something ahead.

A car dipped out of site on a grassy path.

I smiled and sat up straight.

I smiled as I shut my car door, placing my pop in the holder.

I knew what was ahead.

I headed down the road slowly. The shadows were long.

I sighed.

I drove so slowly I could hear the wind whispering through the sandstone pinnacles. I could hear the flowing water slipping on its ancient path through the fiery red stripes of iron, and into the deep blue water of Canyon Lake.

And I heard, "Here she is!"

I smiled.

I sighed.

It would be night soon.

But I had found my way to my friends.

I smiled.


Good / Bad Luck Prompt

Stuck on what to write?

Try a story with Good Luck and Bad Luck.

Begin with one idea: A character on a journey to a place for a purpose

Search for images, gliphs, videos, music to fit your expected journey.

Introduce your quest.

Add something bad happening to prevent a solution.

Use a repeating phrase [ I sighed / I smiled in this example].

Choose a matching image, video, etc.

Continue until your character completes the quest.


Find a friend. Take turns on each of your stories.

Review our Elaboration Strategies

Work together to add action -- strong verbs.

Stop at each scene and imagine the sights and and sounds. Put your readers there with your descriptions.

Consider your nouns and name them specifically - a blue sedan, red stripes of iron, sandstone pinnacles.

Add emotion [slumped in seat; sat up straight].

Add figurative language [wind whispering].

Add only what will create an image and feeling for your readers. Get them to be your character.


As an author and collaborator on this story, what choices did you make in images and text to bring your reader into the story?

Where will you share your story and your reflection?

If you create a story, link to it here in the comments

If you reflect on your process and choices, link to it here in the comments.

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