Joe Jenness

Work was easily the most important aspect of the Industrial Revolution because most of this centers around producing and making more opportunities to evolve as a country. Without creating this work ethic rewarded with money, we would not be where we are today as advanced as we are. Factories and Mills were the main centers of work. With a Textile Mill, you have a lot of jobs. Not actually threading the cloth, but gathering it, filling bobbins, and repairing machines. Not all workers in the mill were men. But woman and young children. Fatalities were a growing number in work, not only in the mills with children and women, but men in the mines. Men would go down into natural caves, and man-made caves to bring up coal for fuel. Lots of men would die in this work state. Weather it is Black Lung Disease, or Tunnels collapsing. Work also was the biggest source of money earning then and now. In order to make money, you had to work. This is how the word WORK was a crucial part of the Industrial Revolution.

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