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Skeleton is one of the fastest paced sports in the Olympics. Being very fast it is also very dangerous too. The athletes must run the sled to the starting point on ice. Then they jump on the sled and maneuver down the cold slick track. Going down the track you can reach speed up to about 85 miles an hour. Therefore any slight mistake could lead to serious injury or even death.

Previously at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, two gold medals were given out. Form Russia we have Alexander Tretiakov and from Great Britain there is Elizabeth Yarnold. From the United Sates we won one silver medal and one bronze medal. The Olympians must wear spiked shoes to prevent injury when running on ice. These very cautious people run on ice to start the race to gain speed. Then once they have ran to the "line" they take a big jump onto the sled and start the journey to the bottom.

This very skillful sport is also competed on the same track as Bobsled. It's like a two person skeleton but you sitting straight up instead of laying down. One of the most important necessities in this sport is control. You must be able to control your direction and speed. To do this you use your body to shift in the direction you want to go. Making the competition even harder there are no brakes and the wall is only inches away from you. Leaving a fatal crash bound to happen, to help if this happens competitors wear padded suit to prevent injury.

When Skeleton first came out the Swiss added loops and sharp turns to keep the adrenaline rushing. This move defined this country from the others, letting them gain more superiority. Being so dangerous this sport was removed from the Olympics in 1948 an suffered a 54 year absence. Right before the sport came back a man got killed in Latvia in a Skeleton accident. Then in 2002 the excitement returned for good.

Skeleton was invented in Saint Moritz Switzerland. Precisely on the Cresta Run Farm ran by Major Bulpetts. His family built the beloved farm in 1884 and, he passed it on throughout family. They do tours of the farm today to open up about the sport history and how it was created.


* 10 Mormons competed in skeleton in the 2014 Winter Olympics

* for men the weight of the sled and the athlete has to be under 253 pounds

* for women the weight of the sled and the athlete combined has to be under 202 pounds

* the US won six medals in Skeleton this year

*the Us has 189 Olympians on the Skeleton team

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