by Jamaul Wilson

Reflection Writing

The three types of activities we did was regular meditation , and story meditation, and sleep relaxation meditation.The different things we tried was breathing in through our nose in out through our mouth. And we also tried relaxing and maybe falling asleep during storytelling meditation. And finally we did sleep relaxation meditation and we all fell asleep. It was fun I never did it before. We had to posture up and we had to sit properly and breath in through our nose and out through our mouth.
Before meditation I felt nervous because I thought I was going to do something embarrassing. Sometimes during the activities felt calm and sometimes I felt uncomfortable because people were breathing on me. I would totally do meditation again because sometimes I need to cam down during my basketball games I don't slow the game down . It was different than what I was expecting. Because I didn't know we needed space to do meditation. Because all I thought it was is breathing. But it was still fun and funny because people fell asleep and snoring.


Meditation- A practice in which people relax their minds and enters a relaxing mode

Mantra-A sacred saying sound, syllable,words, phonemes,or group believed by some to have some spiritual power.

Deep Breathing-The process that moves out your lungs or oxygen through other breathing organs such as gills.

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