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James Gatz: The Final Chapter of an "Old Sport"

    It has become aware that James Gatz, or known to most as Mr. Jay Gatsby, has recently passed earlier this week. Many would say he was a mysterious man who expressed his extravagance openly and quite frequently. Gatsby was a decorated war hero and Oxford attendee, yet he was not always the wealthy individual from the Mid-West that a lot of people would remember him to be, according to a few people who really knew him. His death and the legacy he has left will certainly be one to remember.

     He was simply an ordinary man with a burning love for a Mrs. Daisy Buchanan and a dream. One of his close friends, Nick Carraway remembers him saying, “She was the first ‘nice’ girl he had ever known.” It also surface that Daisy and Jay both met while in Louisville when he was at Camp Taylor and they would meet and hang around quite often eventually developing deep feelings for each. Nick is possibly the only person he has told of this story and he says during the time Gatsby was “a penniless young man without a past” who couldn’t support the lifestyle Daisy lived and was accustomed to. It was during Jay’s departure back to Oxford when Tom Buchanan who could keep up Daisy’s lavish ways, unlike Gatsby, interrupted their love life. This old connection between Jay Gatsby led and Daisy Buchanan is what led to a problem that built over the course of some five years.

     It was Gatz’s past affairs with and without Daisy that spawned his luxurious career and the frequent episodes of large parties. His wealth came with his past relationship with Dan Cody who helped jumpstart his life as Jay Gatsby.

     After his life was set, he felt as though he could support Daisy. A Miss Jordan Baker, a friend of Daisy’s who often went to Gatsby’s parties, even said, “He half expected her to wander into of his parties, some night, but she never did.” This hope of rekindling the spark they was revived after a tea date was arranged by Gatsby and Nick before at Nick’s place. As his connection with Daisy flourished once again, a tension developed also between him and Tom, who’s still her husband.

     Eventually after finding out, Tom, despite having a known affair himself with Mrs. Myrtle Wilson, didn’t like how Gatsby acted around Daisy. Nick recalled Gatsby saying to Tom, “I told you what’s been going on. Going on for five years—and you didn’t know.” Referring to how long him and Daisy loved each other while he was gone and Daisy and Tom was together. Tom accused him of being a bootlegger, which he was rumored to have been, but according to Nick it wasn’t true.

     Leading up to Gatsby’s death, there was another problem that aspired, which was George Wilson finding out his wife Myrtle had been cheating on him shortly after her passing. According to Michaelis, he remembers George telling him, “I’ve got my wife locked in up there. She’s going to stay there till the day after tomorrow and then we’re going to move away.” The same day shortly after he said Mrs. Wilson was heard screaming upstairs before running out into the dusk and being hit by the yellow speeding car that showed no signs of stopping. Nick had witnessed the incident from Tom’s car, along with Tom who was just as distraught as George by the event.

     After Gatsby’s death, reports say Nick had encountered Tom Buchanan and asked him what he had said to George that afternoon and Tom had said, “I told him the truth.” Also that Wilson was “crazy enough to kill him” if he hadn’t told him who owned the car and that Gatsby deserved it for blinding everybody with his indulgence including Daisy and Nick. But it turned out it wasn’t Gatsby who actually killed Myrtle. A statement coming from Nick said, “Daisy was driving the car” at the time. In the end Gatsby’s death was never justified.

     Jay Gatsby’s funeral was a poor spectacle. None of his “friends” attended it, except for Nick, his father, and a couple of servants and the postman. They were either not knowing of it or just didn’t care at all. Not even Daisy, the one he loved and did everything for, didn’t come. Jay’s father knew of his son’s success well before it actually happened. “He had a big future before him, you know. He was only a young man but he had a lot of brain power here.” Love him or hate him, the life of Jay Gatsby has been one of dreams, luxury, and hope; a true rags to riches story that will live forever in history and worth the memory.

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