My 2015

               What I think the world will be like in 2041/ 26 years from now-

-- I think there will be lots of new inventions like maybe huber devices and faster ways of transportation.

-- There will definitely be a new style and fashion changes.

-- Maybe someone will invent robots.

             what my 2015 will be like-

-- I'm exited for my birthday at the end of this month, I'll probably have a big party and invite lots of friends.

-- A goal I have and have had for a while is to find the time to buy myself a new laptop because my old one died a few months ago and it's hard to live with out it.

--I'm also really exited for spring brake cause me, my mom, sister and my aunt are going to Hawaii for I think a week. And on top of that, I just found out that I can also go to an anime convention that I thought I would have to miss because of our vacation. So it'll be like two vacations for me!

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3 years ago

A great year coming up, Alice!