2014 Skillbuilder Subscription Series

February 18, 2014 Leah Brewer, The Leasing Queen

Turning Leads Into Leases: I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!

You want to get more than your fair share of leases, right? It all starts with maximizing your lead conversion and getting more of our target market to follow you down your yellow brick road to tour your apartment community.

March 25, 2014: Heather Blume

There’s No Place Like Your Home Page

Create and manage your “golden” online presence, using smart SEO strategies, heart-warming social media best practices, and courageous innovation when it comes to online technology. Evaluate real examples and a variety of case studies from the apartment industry, along with successful online presences from other industries.

April 22, 2014: Rich George, the NOI Coach

Financial Wizardry

You can’t hide behind the curtain and pretend you are someone you’re not, or that you know what you don’t know. This course on Financial Basics will help a Property Manager think like an Investment Manager. Our goal of increasing NOI starts with understanding and actions that get our team focused and heading arm-in-arm down the right path to the Emerald City! Going for the GREEN!

June 10, 2014: Jackie Ramstedt

Ding Dong, Your Reputation is Dead

Does it feel like someone has dropped a house on your reputation? All it takes is one good storm, and whoosh, your good reputation is blown away! Isn’t it amazing just how very small our industry family is when it comes to “knowing someone who knows YOU”? Not only is the world incredibly transparent with the “OZ-some” power of the Internet and all the social media today, but finding that Yellow Brick Road to create and maintain your own personal “worthiness and value” to any company is paramount to your career path speed and growth. How can you make yourself more valuable in the eyes of your Wizard and the entire Emerald City, and make your dreams come true? Find out how to know if “You had it all along”!

September 23, 2014: Mark Cukro

Oiling the Tin Man and other Preventative Maintenance Tips

We all get a little rusty at times, but with a little bit of care and attention, we can keep our properties running smoothly and efficiently. When we treat our assets like an old tin man left out in the rain they will seize up and stop producing the revenue that pays our salaries. To keep the paychecks coming, we must keep the assets running. Successful preventative maintenance programs return not only higher NOI, but also less middle-of-the-night service calls. Evaluate your preventative maintenance programs so that you don’t get caught out in the rain like the tin man.

November 11, 2014: Rebecca Rosario

Multicultural Marketing: Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

Stereotypes are hard to break, for example…are all witches ugly? Our perceptions of other cultures, people and beliefs can impact our actions and ultimately, our bottom line. Broaden your sales, marketing and service skills to encompass global citizens and celebrate the differences in your multicultural market. Unravel misconceptions and biases of other cultures and become more comfortable with international prospects and residents.

Skillbuilder Series Speakers are coming to Michigan! Subscribe your apartment community’s staff for only $499* per community. Your one-time payment subscribes your entire on-site team into all six workshops! Non-subscribers can join any class for $99 per person. Classes are scheduled at the VisTaTech Center in Livonia, near I-275 and 7 Mile. There’s something for everyone with topics on Leasing, Marketing, Management, Operations, Technology and Maintenance.

*Alternative pricing for properties under 100 units and over 800 units. Subscription rate is valid through 1/31/14.

Want to book a private workshop for your team? Choose from 24 topics and 6 speakers in this Series theme. Contact Leah Brewer to purchase your subscription or book your private training event: 248-474-3009 or Leah@FHMmail.net.

What will you do with change? Follow Dorothy on a Heroes Journey encountering conflict, assembling a team, developing their skills, and reaching their goals. You might just find that "You had it all along!"

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