Sports medicine

What is sports medicine

Sports medicine is the treating of, jams, sprains, breaks, in athletes. Athletes is anyone in youth,middle school, high school, collage, professional sports and even people who just exercise for heath and recreational reasons. It also involves physical therapy, a trainer, a nutritionist, and many more things.

In this picture a football player is having his foot examined by a trainer.

jammed fingers

Jammed fingers are a minor injury, but they still need to be treated. They happen when a finger is pushed down and hits your knuckles. One way to treat them is by taping the jammed finger to a finger next to it to allow it to still have some mobility.

some effects of jamming a finger is swelling, hard to move, and making it hard to close your hand

How to wrap a sprained finger

Sprained fingers are when a bone is bent causing damage to the ligament which connects bones together. the steps to treat a sprained finger is, step one: apply ice to hurt area, this helps reduce pain and swelling. Step two: use elastic bandaging to keep swelling down. Finally step three:tape the finger to help keep from further damage to the ligament.

Effects of a sprained ankle

Sprained ankles are caused by a sudden twist that goes to far and stretches out or snaps entirely. Some effects are swelling, difficulty moving ankle, bruising, and instability while standing.

About 25,000 people everyday get a sprained ankle.

Differences between sprained ankles and broken ankles

Sprained ankles and broken ankles are a lot alike in what happens to the ankle itself but, they have many things different as well. Sprained ankles are when the ligament is damaged, where as the broken ankle is when the bone itself is snapped into two separate parts. Also the broken bone usually takes longer to heal than the sprain.


Jammed finger- Refers to finger joint pain and swelling from an impact injury.

Sprained finger- Is a relatively common condition characterized by damage or tearing of the connective tissue.

Sprained Ankles- An injury that occurs when the ankle rolls, twists, or turns in an awkward way

Broken ankle- is also known as an ankle "fracture." This means that one or more of the bones that make up the ankle joint are broken.


1.What does a sprained Ankle damage?


B.the bone

C.your head

D.your butt

2.About how many people a day sprain there ankle





3.What age groups does sports medicine apply to?

B.high school


D. all of the above

4.Which usually takes longer to heal a sprained ankle or a broken ankle

A. sprained ankle

b.broken ankle

5.What is one step to wrap a sprained finger?

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