a bacterium that occurs mainly in the intestine, especially a serotype causing food poisoning.


how it originates

Salmonella comes from poop of people & pets who already have Salmonella in their intestine.Salmonella can survive for a long time in poop especially in animal poop.You can also find salmonella in water and dirt outside.There can be small amount of salmonella and you can still get it.

how it spreads

Salmonella spreads by feces by some pets especially reptiles.It also spreads by eating contaminated food. Food can come contaminated by unwashed hands of an infected food handler.The food can be contaminated by eating animal organs.

what does this say about the country

This say that if this disease spread we will have a problem with the health.Anyone can catch this disease and get sick.It doesn't matter if we take a treatment or antibiotics we can still catch salmonella.We are going to need better medicines to take or treat this disease.

How A Major Outbreak Could Affect countries Government

A major outbreak could affect countries by making the diseases even more than it is.It also affects the intestine an make you sick.Also raw meat could affect the body.If more reptiles keep reproducing salmonella will keep affecting people.

How A Major outbreak Could Affect countries Economy

A major outbreak will affect the economy because if reptiles keep reproducing and people in the economy keep getting salmonella it will spread to different economy's and more people will get salmonella.Also 800-4,000 people can or will die from salmonella.The medical cost of people that die from salmonella is 7.3-36.3 million people die.Also more bacteria will spread and more people will die and or get salmonella.

How A Major outbreak Could Affect Countries Culture

It will affect the culture because more people will stop helping the world because of the salmonella disease going around.Also countries and culture will die out because of the bacteria.All countries have reptiles and can catch it easier.More people will and or die because of the bacteria and raw meat and reptile poop that causes salmonella