The Humboldt penguin

by:Dylan pursley


Did you know that a Humboldt penguin does not live in Antarctica it lives in the western coast of South America (pero and Chile). Well, today you are going to learn about that in this article below it includes diet, habitat, conservation, description and conclusion.


The Humboldt penguin is 18 to 24 inches and about 1 ½ feet to 2 feet tall and they act crazy around humans, these types do:

1. Adelie penguin

2. Chinstrape penguin

3. Emperor penguin

4. Erectcrasted penguin

The Humboldt penguin lives in the western coast of south America (pero and chile) witch means a country in south west, South America with a long paccific coastline

When a human approaches the penguin acts crazy these types do
1.Adelie penguin
2.chinstrap penguin
3.Emperor penguin
4.Erectcrasted penguin
When they are swimming they are caution for predators. When they see a human they follow him or her. Some humans hunt for penguins. Also, there eggs are prized. And the Humboldt penguin is endangered.


This is why you should want to save a Humboldt penguin, .it will make the seal die because it is so hungry. .then the predator of the seal will die and so on.

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