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Little about the series

"Neighborhood" is a series of Israeli youth who created Giora Chamizer, which airs on Channel Nickelodeon HOT as of November 2, 2014. The story talks about the differences between rich and poor groups, Sconkim against daffodils, and the problems that apply to them.

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The neighborhood is the heart of the community Narcissus, surrounded by magnificent area, great resources, which every family lives in a spacious villa surrounded by a high wall. Modest neighborhood's heart and warm. Strange cluster of low-apartments located on the estate was donated by an eccentric philanthropist Fritzi, where residents live. One of the families living in the neighborhood for generations, is the son of David. Father Moses, called Banda, a widower who is raising five children alone. Opening and closing businesses fail, and sinking in debt threaten to bring it to life in prison. Adult children, Vicky, Audi and Rachel, helping to raise the twins toddlers and try to keep their father out of jail with the help of various schemes. In addition to the existential difficulties, neighborhood residents regularly additional problems from the rich neighbors


Agam Schoenfeld (Leahy Kornowski): Nimrod's sister, Teddy's homes and Susie Schoenfeld, and a best friend of Miley. Sportsmanship and achievement. Ethan's ex-girlfriend, attributed to feel uncomfortable in the world and receives the local residents as equals. Milos employed as a waitress in a restaurant where the director and became her best friend's partner becomes Audi.

Vicki Ben-David (Omer Goldman): a beautiful girl, hardworking and charismatic. Benda's daughter, Rachel's older sister and twin Audi and small. A relationship with them.'s Best friend Lilush.

  • Meital (Liana Study): A girl tough and assertive. Half dyed her hair blonde, and half pink. Ilana's daughter. Liron's company.

Raheli Ben-David (toti Nino): A girl curious, smart and a bit Tomboi. The middle sister of Vicky and Audi. Liron love. Director of the grocery store.

Udi Ben-David (Nir Halfon): nerd boy. Youngest brother of Vicky and Rachel. Similar actor Julio da Silva telenovela "Queen of Hearts", and the group use it for the purpose of raising the social status and obtaining money Complicating them. Became a member of the Agam

Lilush (approved Ingdasht): a tough girl and a perfectionist. Responsible for maintaining the neighborhood. A good friend of Vicki. During the series becomes a good friend of Lake Schoenfeld. Suspect us, along with Vicki foot of him.

Liron Biton (Tom Japheth): footballer sensitive and shy, a student is not successful, the son of Maggie. Advanced stage Meital member but love Raheli. Kidnapped by Teddy with his mother.

Successful (Crook era) occupying boy and funny, the best friend of Liron. Tends to tell stories about his grandmother, who lived with her. His famous sentence: "Do not worry, be relaxed."

Julio da Silva player of the television program "Queen of Hearts" singer song star IL PRINCIPE

Ethan Ronnie (collected Hz): a new immigrant from Florida, cute, handsome, very smart, meticulous about his appearance and image. Professional golfer. With a social conscience and personal Unlike his fellow elitist. During the series revealed that he worked in the "Brigade". Pretending to be a friend of Vicky. Willing to do anything to find the treasure of his father devoted his life

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