Meat Evaluation

Beef Evaluation

- Marbling is intermingling of fat among the muscle fiber

- It is measured in the ribeye between the 12th and 13th rib

- Fat content is a result of low cutibility

- Animals that are overfat and have an uneven distribution of fat have lumpy deposits of fat in the brisket flank and tailhead.  

Swine Evaluation

- When selecting a pig you should look for structure and depth of the body.

- The pig must be sound and be able to make it up to weight.

- The pig must have some depth of the body because if its too narrow then it wont feed out as fast or efficiently.

- The best grades to look for are select grades and utility, cutter, and canner grades.

- These grades are the best because they fit the description of swine and types of qualities to look for.

Poultry Evaluation

- When picking poultry you should look poultry without defects.

- Defects include the back being cut out halfway between the base of the tail and the hip joints.

- Another defect would be more than 1/3 of flesh is exposed on breast.

- The best grade is grade A because there are no deformities.

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