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Introductory Paragraph

The United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing is a religious sect, also known as the Shakers. They were founded in the 18th century in England, having branched off from a Quaker community. They were also known as "Shaking Quakers" for their ecstatic behavior during worship services. In 1747 women assumed high leadership roles in the community and two notable women were Jane Wardley and Mother Anne Lee. Shakers mainly settled in the North East near present day Boston and New York. Shakers are known for their strong beliefs in celibacy, communal lifestyle, pacifism, and their model of equality of the sexes. They also believe in a simple lifestyle, architecture and art. Other than religion they are widely known for their amazing woodworking and inventions.


The shakers were charismatic people who partook in vigorous dancing. They had ecstatic behaviors during their worship which included dancing which is where they got their name, shakers.

This image emphasizes that other than for their religious beliefs, the shakers are widely known for their woodworks. Shaker woodworks were made by focusing on functionality and proportions versus using ornamentation. Shaker wood works influenced how furniture is and was made.

Primary source

Quote: "Repent. For the kingdom of God is at hand. The new heaven and new earth prophesied of old is about to come. The marriage of the Lamb, the first resurrection, the new Jerusalem descended from above, these are even now at the door. And when Christ appears again, and the true church rises in full and transcendent glory, then all anti-Christian denominations—the priests, the Church, the pope—will be swept away."

By Jane Wardley

This quote by Jane Wardley simply is what she urged her Shaker followers to do. The "true church" that she is referring to is the society of the shakers. After Ann Lee and Jane Wardley had the revelation urging them to create a new church which is the true church, that what they did. This quote also shows that in Shaker religion women took leadership and were equal to men, this was part of their belief that both sexes were equal.


The nine original shakers originally immigrated to New York in 1774 from England. The shakers didn't like the Anglican Church so they moved. Shakers believe in celibacy because the founder Ann Lee's 4 children all died so she believed that sexual intercourse was the root of  all sins. The shaker religion had an influences on other religious beliefs such as the Amish people. They were revolutionary because they offered spiritual and physical equality that extended to non Christians and individual races. They were most similar to the puritans coming to America because they had problems with theAnglican  church. They both wanted a utopian society and wanted to be perfectionists.

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