ME, Myself and i

( a part of me )

know me and see what will you find out?

Petite, looks like a kid or younger than my age, and small that mostly describe me physically, which are true. On my personality I can say I can be too quiet and too loud at the same time. I'm cool and fun to be with and also can be serious also at some points. You can make me smile so easily that even though I'm mad was smiling. I can your friend and also your worse enemy but i rather prefer the friendly one if i were you/... hahaha. I love drawing, listening to music, watching animes and movies, hanging out with friends, going to beautiful places.

I believe that we only live once and we should do the things that will make us happy and that will enjoy our lives.Problems and struggles are always there on our lives so handle it well and believe at HIM because He will not give you something you can't handle. And with these things me and you learned from it and makes us who we are right now. Remember we only live once.

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